The "Send to Phone" feature unfortunately is not available. Below we have gathered some simple instructions how you can convert audio files into ringtones and upload them directly to your phone for free.

Free Ringtones - How can we go about making free ringtones?

Getting free ringtones is easier than you thought:

We have found a way to transfer your favourite free ringtones onto your cell-phones such as the Sanyo PM-8200 for free. If you're looking to get ringtones of the same caliber as the ones avaiable from Sprint for $2.50 that expire in about 90 days without sacrificing quality and without the price and expiry date, then follow the steps outlined below. Those high quality ringtones are QCP files, Free Ringtones. So all we have to do is to take your favourite audio clip, cut it to 30 seconds, get it into WAV format and convert it to QCP format. Now, we have to get into your phone. We've found a Free Mobile Phone Uploader site that will do the job by either sending a text message that has a download link for your file or giving you a Jump Code that will let you download it.

This way, you can have any sound in the world as your ringtone. If you want, you can even grap clips off iTunes for $0.99. We show you how to do all this below

How do we go about making free ringtones?

  1. Buy the clip that you'll be using from iTunes.
  2. Then convert this file that you'll be using as your free ringtones into MP3 format. For this, you can burn it on a CD and rip it as MP3 or utilize JHymn.
  3. The file that you'll be using as free ringtones, shorten it to 30 seconds (or less) and convert it to WAV. You can use Audacity to get this done.
  4. Take the quality of the free ringtone clip to PCM, mono, 8 kHz, 16-bit. You can use the simple sound recorder application that comes installed with Windows to do that. A way to do in Audacity couldn't be found by myself.
  5. To convert the WAV file to a QCP file, use PureVoice Converter [drag the WAV file right on the pvconv.exe]
  6. Now upload that converted file (QCP file) onto Mobile Phone Uploader.
  7. Send it from Mobile Phone Uploader to your phone and put it as your ringtone like you ordinarily would.